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Detached house

The project focuses on building a sustainable and highly efficient single-family home. The interior design prioritizes comfort and aesthetics, using sustainable materials and furnishings. Home automation automates lighting, HVAC and energy for efficiency. The house will incorporate rainwater harvesting, solar panels and natural ventilation to reduce environmental impact. The goal is to offer a unique and quality experience in harmony with the environment and ecology.

Tourist apartment

The project involves the creation of a tourist apartment for rent on platforms such as Airbnb. Its focus is to provide guests with a unique, comfortable and safe experience. The interior design focuses on a functional space with cozy colors and furniture that reflect the local culture. Through home automation, temperature, lighting and security are automated, all controllable from a mobile device. Smart devices such as electronic locks and entertainment systems complement the exceptional experience for guests, increasing their demand and success on tourist rental platforms.

Room hospital or residence

The project seeks to create a hospital or residential room with home automation technology and cozy interior design. It focuses on improving the patient's quality of life and the efficiency of the healthcare staff. The interior design will promote calm, using carefully selected colors and lighting.

Technology will include lighting and temperature control, automated curtains and a centralized staff panel.

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