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Home automation

Home automation can carry out a wide variety of projects that include the automation of systems and devices in residential and commercial interiors, among others.

Each project is unique and designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Here are some examples of projects that can be carried out:


Smart lighting

Installation of smart light switches and lighting controllers that allow lighting to be controlled remotely or via programming.

The Best Smart Home Cameras for Every Part of Your Home.png

Security systems

Installation of smart security cameras connected to the internet and controlled through a mobile application. Fire detection, carbon monoxide and alarms.

Vitrum Clima.jfif

Air conditioning systems

Installation of smart thermostats that allow remote or programmable temperature control, humidity, and air quality.

GIRA System 106.jfif

Door and window automation

Installation of motion sensors that control the opening and closing of doors and windows automatically.

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